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We provide video production services to companies and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding regions. We strive to deliver quality content with a young, modern, and unique touch.

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Our Services

Whether you need a full service production or just need someone to put the finishing touch on your project, we've got you covered.


We work closely with you, making sure that we are prepared to make your vision a reality. This may include speaking on the phone to go over details, or in some cases, meeting in person prior to the day of production.



Cameras, Lenses, Microphones, Gimbal Stabilizers, Studio Lights. Every project requires a unique equipment set up to fit the needs of the video content. Rest assured that all the right equipment will be prepared prior to the day of the shoot in order to make production flow smoothly and efficiently.


Using industry standard software, one of our editors will assemble, fine tune, and color-grade your video. Already have video content that needs to be edited? No problem! We can handle the post-production of your un-finished project as well.


Meet The Team

The inside scoop of Sean Rossiter Productions

Sean Rossiter
Founder, Creative Director
Juliana Cizeron
Head of Marketing and Customer Relations

About Us

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sean Rossiter Productions provides companies and individuals with video content for marketing purposes, as well as personal use. With a background in short films, we bring the cinematic style seen in modern cinema to you at "non-modern cinema prices". With a low overhead, we are able to bring our clients quality content at a price affordable to many.

Our Clients

Just a few of the companies we have had the pleasure of working with